Wednesday, May 7, 2014

For the Love of Chocolate!

Dairy products (except butter) are completely out of my diet, and sugar has taken a significant hike. Morning coffee has transitioned to morning tea, and there is nary a sign of sweets in the house. Oh, chocolate, thou art missed!

Thankfully, I found this recipe on Sally's Baking Addiction. It was so easy to throw together! Here's the version I went with:

1/2 cup cocoa powder, overflowing 
4 T melted coconut oil
1/4 c honey

-Mix honey and coconut oil well
-Add cocoa powder, stir until mixed thoroughly 
-Place parchment paper in a smallish container
-Spread chocolate onto parchment paper
-Freeze about 30 minutes, store in refrigerator 

Using honey as the sweetener gives the chocolate a smooth consistency, as well as a hint of elasticity. 

If you are a fellow coconut hater, don't fret! There's a slight coconut taste with the first bite, but from there on it seems to diminish. Perhaps oil pulling has softened my heart to coconut flavor a tad. Either way, if you're looking for a dairy and sugar free chocolate, the downside of the slight coconut flavor pales in comparison to the delight of the chocolate indulgence.