Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Asher is Two!

    It seems unbelievable that Asher is two! Yet, it seems as though he's always been with us. What on earth did we do before we had him? He has filled our lives with such joy! 

   So much has happened between his first and second birthdays. He lost his Papa Sutton and cousin Ryker.  He gained cousins Willow and Rhett, as well as a little Peruvian cousin due in June.  He became a big brother to Jackson Scott in September. He learned to walk (first step on February 22nd). He learned to climb on the coffee table and dance (one of his few words). He went from crying at Bible study to running into his class without telling me bye.  He grew from a baby to a toddler. *sniff sniff*

   Asher has such a sweet spirit. He gives hugs without abandon; everyone is his friend! He almost always gets complimented on his behavior by strangers while we're out running errands. His energy level seems to never fade.  

    Asher's two year old favorites:
       (Real) Food-Spaghetti
       Word- Please 
       Activity- Wagon rides, pretending to drive 
       Sibling- Jackson :)
       Instrument-Piano, but prefers to play it with the drumsticks
       Toy- Trucks
       Day- Sunday (a whole day of socializing is what Asher considers heavenly)

Happy birthday, Asher bud! 

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